Talho da Esquina


CLIENT: Grupo Quina SERVICE: Branding; Visual Identity SCOPE: Briefing; Strategy, ideation, Building, Testing TOOLS: 4K Process; Workshop Sprint; Co-Creation TEAM: Isa Romão; André Coelho LOCATION: Portugal

Talho da Esquina is chef Vitor Sobral’s latest project. A place in the center of Lisbon where the excuses to go there are, more than going there just for the meat, the stories surrounding the kitchen and the animal and environmental sustainability. A restaurant that provides all the Know How of traditional Portuguese cuisine where the form and function are based on innovation and disruption of how the meat will be carefully “worked” from  its origin to its customers’ plates.


Creating the new story of a modern Lisbon. Much is being asked today about the origin and properties of  meat. The Talho da Esquina undertakes to ensure that all meat undergoes a rigorous quality test where not only its origin is presented, but the life of the animal itself, including how it lived or what it ate.


Understanding the story and defining the value proposition of the new restaurant, its positioning, the verbal and visual identity, the tone of voice, the definition of the universe of communication and space design consultation of the new restaurant.

brand identity_

The identity of Talho Da Esquina is built by all its manifestations. So that all of them contribute to the correct construction of this identity, CO+K has accurately defined the codes that have been settled for the brand. By principle, the brand manifests itself using the face of the animals. The pig, the veal, the turkey, the rooster and the lamb are the face of the restaurant and of a new history and promise that whoever experiences the new Talho da Esquina knows the name of these animals, their past and their characteristics. Only the best meat is found at Talho da Esquina.

CO+K created, from realistic illustrations of animals, a visual universe that supports the project’s identity.

graphic system_

The idea of realistic animals is also present within the graphic system. 

The entire system meets the brand positioning, constantly bringing us back to the big idea of nature.


For the new Talho da Esquina, CO+K has designed numerous applications, such as menus, corporate stationery,  informative brochures, space design, merchandise, etc., as well as other pieces that can be used for the incorporation of future services, like digital menus etc.