Padaria da Esquina


CLIENT: Grupo Quina SERVICE: Branding; Visual Identity SCOPE: Briefing; Strategy, ideation, Building, Testing TOOLS: 4K Process; Workshop Sprint; Co-Creation TEAM: Isa Romão; André Coelho LOCATION: Portugal

The Padaria da Esquina is a project by Chefs Vítor Sobral, Luís Espadana, Hugo Nascimento, and specialist Baker Mário Rolando. Their main concern is the respect for bread, for the long fermentation process of sourdough and the mystique and stories surrounding this food.


Telling an old story but centered on new characters by the hands of Chefs Vítor Sobral, Luís Espadana, Hugo Nascimento, and specialist Baker Mário Rolando.


Definition of the purpose of the brand, its positioning, the verbal and visual identity, the tone of voice, the definition of the universe of communication and space design consultation of the new restaurant.

brand identity_

The identity of Padaria Da Esquina is built by all its demonstrations. So that all of them contribute to the correct construction of this identity, CO+K rigorously defined the codes that were settled for the brand. The brand expresses itself having as a principle the face of the ambassadors of Portuguese bread. CO+K created a visual universe centered in 2 dimensions: Realistic Bread Realistic People.

– Realistic illustrations of the bread masters;
– Realistic illustrations of bakery products.

graphic system_

The idea of realistic bread – realistic people is also present within the graphic system. 

The entire system respects the brand positioning, constantly bringing us back to the big idea of nature.


For the new brand Padaria da Esquina, CO+K has designed numerous applications, such as menus, corporate stationery, informative brochures, space design, merchandise, etc., as well as other pieces that can be used for the incorporation of future services, like digital menus etc.