Grupo Quina


CLIENT: Chef. Vítor Sobral SERVICE: Branding; Visual Identity SCOPE: Briefing; Strategy, ideation, Building, Testing TOOLS: 4K Process; Workshop Sprint; Co-Creation TEAM: Isa Romão; André Coelho LOCATION: Portugal

Vítor Sobral, who is a staunch defender of Portuguese cuisine, is considered to be one of the main responsible for modern Portuguese cuisine. He explores national gastronomy like few others, balancing generous doses of innovation with the most traditional ingredients. He is a gastronomic consultant for several major brands and publishes books regularly. Sharing his knowledge of Portuguese cuisine is another mission he embraces daily.


With the opening of new projects spread across Portugal, Brazil and Angola and the creation of new business units, let alone the increase of the team, knowledge and knowhow, Chef Vitor Sobral felt the need to create a business group that aggregated all the competences and business units.


Definition of the purpose of the new business group, naming, its positioning, verbal and visual identity, tone of voice, definition of the universe of communication.

brand identity_

Inspired by the childhood of Chef Vitor Sobral and by his passion for Portuguese cuisine, CO+K defined the purpose of the new Business Group and divided it into 5 different pillars:

– Heritage (combined with the Chef’s experience and with the pleasure of sharing his knowledge and know-how);
– Saudade (a concept and a word which is impossible to translate. The Portuguese way of being in a single word. Very related to the Portuguese gastronomic experience, especially abroad);
– Creativity (in the genesis of the history of Portugal, since the Discoveries, the Portuguese showed the world that their resilience did not allow them to stop, finding the best solutions for every different need. Alike the Chef’s kitchen “with little a lot is done”;
– Portuguese pride (they are proud of their principles and customs and they are aware of the value that gastronomy has in the Portuguese culture);
– Portuguese flag (a symbol that represents a history, a nation).

This was the motto for the Project’s Naming. 5 pillars 5 QUINAS: QUINA proudly representing authenticity and without prejudice, by the hand of Chef Vitor Sobral, a country.

graphic system_

Based on the distinction symbol of the Order of D. Infante that decorated Vitor Sobral and so many Portuguese people who proudly carry “Portugal Beyond Borders”, CO+K presents the central element of the graphic communication system of the new QUINA Brand.


For the new QUINA Group, CO+K has designed numerous applications, corporate stationery, space design, merchandise, etc., as well as other pieces that can be used for the incorporation of future services, like website etc.