CLIENT: Governo Português | Ministério do Trabalho e Segurança Social; SERVICE: Naming; Branding; Proposition Value;  SCOPE: Empathy;Research; Interviews; Briefing; Strategy, ideation, Building, Prototyping; TOOLS: 4K Process; Workshop Sprint; Co-Creation; TEAM:Ricardo Traquino; Luís Guimarães; Joana Gala; Joana Santos; João Wengorovius Meneses; André Coelho; Isa Romão; LOCATION: Portugal 

There is a National Commission for the Promotion of the Rights and Protection of Children and Youth in the structure of the Ministry of Employment and Social Security.

The “Adélia Project” is a project designed to support Positive Parenting and Parental Empowerment, co-financed by the Operational Program for Social Inclusion and Employment, which is a preventive strategy for the promotion and protection of children’s rights, based on the knowledge of the reality of children and teenagers.


Within the scope of this project, CO+K was invited by the consultant Hub2050 – responsible for the development of the “More Social Innovation” area – to:
– Develop an Ideation and Acceleration Program based on the Design Thinking method;
– Create the Brand Canvas, the Brand Proposition, the Naming and the visual identity of the Project.


Branding that includes the development of the communication strategy, communication tone, and visual identity, as well as the implementation of the above throughout different materials.

visual identity_

Based on the initial premises, the project started off with a workshop in which 3 educational models were covered thoroughly: the Authoritarian, the positive and the permissive. 

We have defined the proposition value that met the established positioning – “Positive Parenting – the way forward to Empower society in order to create a better future, mainly focusing on children’s education.”

And taking a closer look at the animal kingdom we realized what it takes to meet this challenge. When talking about parenting, the Adelia Penguin is one of the most dedicated and hardworking animal species.

– They travel thousands of kilometers under inhospitableconditions to be able to be with their peers, mate and care for their offspring.
– They use parenting techniques and strategies that range from hatching the egg collaboratively between the male and the female to feeding their offspring.

The project Adelia – For a Positive Parenting, was thus born from then on, CO+K started creating its visual identity and its entire concept.

graphic system_

The idea of Adélia Pinguim is also present within the graphic system. The entire system respects the positioning of the project, constantly bringing us back to the big idea of the ecosystem of the penguins, an excellent example for humans and the perfect way to communicate with the found target.

corporate and communication_

Adelia’s communication had to transmit the strategic idea and positioning. All communication materials allowed us to combine the different elements (logo, symbol, layout, and photographs) on diverse support materials.


For the Event launch of the new project, we’ve designed numerous applications, from the corporate stationery such as boards, physical products, social media, to digital media merchandise.