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About</ We are a creative consultancy service, working with ambitious brands to help solve problems and create high-impact products, services, systems and spaces. We follow a 4K process based on human-centered design principles. / > <strong> Because what matters to people, matters to business. </strong>

What</ This is not about pain. </it’s about awakening possibilities. </strong> Here the briefing is developed in partnership with the client in order to deliver results that make sense. </strong> Always hands-on, we work throughout all sectors and channels with passion and knowledge. Not limited to formats or tools, we are unlimited in disruptive and innovative solutions that add real value to our client’s business.

Who</designers, filmmakers, artists, writers, chefs, engineers, scientists, musicians, anthropologists, travel junkies. </ we are> creators in the true sense of the word /we are not> advertisers or propagandists. we deeply believe> in a close and collaborative working process with our clients, in which we detect the problem and then find, test and implement the best solution, together. we don’t believe/> in “look at the shiny object” type of presentation. / we do> Workshop-style experiences with clients that are worth the trip. we don’t do/;> Unveiling of pretty “K-Lines” or mockups with no concrete follow-up plan, idea or strategy.

services</:Branding; Advertising; Product Design; Service Design; Digital Innovation; UX/UI Design; Coaching; Training; Business Transformation;


Work</Brands and experiences create on collaborative process. Explore our ideas />



//meet the creators_

André Coelho

Founder + Chief Executive Doer

Isa Marita

All-Round Designer

Nuno Mendão

Business Transformer

Susana Venda

Empathy Engineer

João Meneses

iRational Biomedical Engineer

Paula Velho

Executive Script Enthusiastic


careers</We are always looking for creators to help our clients develop a new perspective on their business/> <general application>*Required